About the ALC

The Arab American Leadership Council (ALC) was founded in 1989 as a national network to monitor and support the activity of elected and appointed officials, candidates for public office and party activists of Arab descent. In 2002 the Arab American Leadership PAC was merged into the ALC and renamed the ALCPAC.

Overview of the ALC and its Services

The ALC is organized as a 527 political committee and provides a range of services to members and supporters:

  • Candidate Support: The ALC provides qualified candidates with modest direct financial contributions and other support in the form of national endorsements, voter, donor and volunteer lists where available and permitted by applicable law
  • Candidate Profiles: published as a public information service in conjunction with the materials distributed nationally by the Arab American Institute
  • Public Appointments: the ALC works with other Arab American organizations to support qualified Arab Americans seeking appointments to federal jobs, judgeships and to boards, commissions and other positions in public service
  • Roster of Arab Americans in Political Life: published online (view the roster) identifies Americans of Arab descent who hold elected or appointed office, party position, or who are political professionals; the Roster includes over 500 listings and is organized by state and type of office as well as an appendix of federal office holders, state elected officials and mayors
  • National Party Caucuses: the ALC encompasses party caucuses that oversee national Arab American outreach to the Democratic and Republican National Committees and serve as liaisons on behalf of Arab Americans to their state and local party committees

ALC Membership Criteria

Membership in the Arab American Leadership Council is available to persons of Arab descent or their spouses who:

  • hold or have held public elective office
  • hold or have held appointed office on federal, state, county or municipal level
  • have filed as a candidate for public office
  • hold or have held a position on a committee of the Republican or Democratic Party
  • are employed as a political professional (consultant, pollster, etc.)
  • are employed by a congressional office, federal agency, state or municipal government in a professional capacity

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