Arab Americans in Public Service and Political Life

The following resources are provided by the Arab American Institute, a 501(c)4 organization based in Washington, DC. AAI makes these resources available to the public, free of charge, and they are not meant to imply any endorsement by or relationship between the ALCPAC and AAI.


Arab American Leadership Council: The ALC is a 527 political organization that supports the actvity of elected and appointed officials, candidates for public office, and party activists of Arab descent. The ALC also hosts party caucuses that conduct Arab American outreach to the Democratic and Republican National Committees, and serve as liaisons between Arab Americans and their state and local party committees. To learn more about the ALC, click here.

Roster of Arab Americans in Political Life: This publication identifies Americans of Arab descent who currently hols elected or appointed office, a political party position, or who are political professionals. Published by the Arab American Institute, it is the only list of its kind. The Roster is available online, and is organized by state and type of office. The Roster also includes an appendix of federal office-holders, state elected officials, and Mayors. You can access the Roster here.

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